Devi Bagalamukhi – Goddess With A Golden Skin Tone

In Sanatana dharma, there are ten tantric goddesses, also known as Dasa Mahavidya (Ten Great Wisdoms), and Devi Bagalamukhi is an eighth of the ten Mahavidyas. She is one of the enraged forms of Adi Parashakti. Her name Bagla comes from the Sanskrit word valga (bridle), which later transformed to vagla and then Bagla. And Mukha means face. Throughout the Indian subcontinent, people call her by 108 names, among which Devi Pitambari, Brahmastra Roopini, and Shatru Buddhi Vinashini are widely well-known.

On Tantric Shastra, Baglamukhi Mata is described as a goddess with a golden skin tone wearing a yellow sari over the throne in the middle of a fully blossom yellow lotus ocean. Usually, she is represented in two forms; one with two hands where she is pulling the tongue of the demon (Rakshas) with her left hand, while her right hand is holding the club to strike the devil. In her four-arm form, she looks fierce with her third eye, where she has a bowl of demon blood and a sword. Her crown is ornamented with a crescent moon and two golden cranes.


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