Group Puja

Group Puja

The auspicious occasion of Puja, when executed in a group, magnifies its purity and spiritual impact. When an man or woman plays a Puja, he/she has a personal purpose at the back of the identical, which facilities round his/her family’s well-being. But whilst a Puja or Homa is prepared in a group, its purpose isn’t individualistic, as an alternative regularly occurring.

Group Pujas are for the properly-being of humankind, and its motive is to devote gratitude to the almighty at the same time as all devotees cross in advance as one, following the same spiritual path. Shiva Trust ensures that Group Puja gets achieved all-ritualistically and in manner. All the devotees proceeding to perform the Puja and Homa are loose to donate according to their will for the Puja.


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