Narayan Bali and Narayan Nagbali

Details of Narayan Bali / Narayan Nagbali

Narayan Bali is one of the key rituals performs after the death of family member in certain case when any person’s death is unnatural or accidental, when rituals are not offered to ancestors or sometime due to horoscope mentioning Pitru Dosh. The entire procedure of rituals is described in Garuda Puran and Dharma Sindhu with various scenarios. Many times Narayan Bali is said to perform when Rahu or Chandra lies in Lagna sthan and asserted by Saturn or lagna/Saturn lies in Nakshatra like Pushya or Anuradha or Uttar Bhadrapada. This horoscope creates lot of hurdles like mental pressure, financial problem, personal and professional life stuck etc. In this situation Abhichaar Shanti Yog along with Narayan Bali is advisable to perform.

Narayan Bali is the worship to Supreme Lord Shree Vishnu and main motive behind this rites is to help the Atma - soul to liberate and transcend, attain Mukti – Moksha and fulfill satisfied and unsatisfied desires of ancestors – Pitru. Narayan Bali Puja or Moksha Narayanbali puja is a form of offering special Bali - sacrifice for peace of Atma -soul of persons who might have suffered unnatural death. Narayan Bali also is performed for persons for whom funeral rites Shraddha Karmas have not performed. Narayan Bali should be performed by those who feel that any of the kin or relatives are deprived of regular annual ceremonies.

Narayan bali puja consists of two different rituals. First is Narayan bali, perform to get rid of ancestral curse also called Pitru dosh or Pitru Shaap, process is same like the ritual as Hindu funeral. An artificial body mostly made of wheat flour also called Pind is used. Mantras are used to invoke such souls who are having certain wishes remain attached. Rites makes them possess the body and the funeral frees them to other world. Second is Nag bali, performed to get rid of sin performed by killing snake, specially Cobra which is worshipped in India. Thus Pitrudosh Narayan Bali is one of the main rituals for removal of Pitru dosha and sarpa –snake hatya.
Narayan Bali is some time called as Moksha Narayan balo puja as the main motive behind this rituals is for ancestor's souls to calm and fulfill their unheard desires by the family members. Moksha means liberation or freedom of soul. Detailed description of Moksha Narayan Bali puja is described in 40th chapter of the Garuda Purana. The Garuda Purana is one of the most sacred texts of Sanatan Dharm which describe the cycle of life and death of each lives. Purvakanda and Pretakanda are the main two part of Garuda Purana. The Narayan Bali puja rituals are manly associated in the Pretakanada content that is the rituals performed after the death. It is said that the soul revolves around until the family performs these rites which are also known as pinda pradana.

Various Steps of Narayan Bali 

Various steps and procedure are involved in Narayan Bali Rituals, key rituals are mentioned over here.
First step, Deha Shudhhi Vidhi is performed to make body pious and Prayashcitta Vidhi performed to remove all kind of sins. Then Puja Yajman takes bath in holy tank and wears new clothes.

Rituals in Sanatan Dharma

Starts with Pradhan Sankalpa, Nyas and Kalash pujan, then worship of Lord Surya, Lord Ganesha and Lord Shri Vishnu.
Then worship of five Gods, Lord Bramha, Vishnu, Mahesh, Yama and Tatpursha are performed with glorification. Idols of these five God are installed in five different metal images which is called as Pran Pratishthapana.

Agnisthapan , Purashasukta Havan, Ekadasha Vishnu Shraddha, Panchadevta Shraddha Balidan, palashvidhi, Pind Dan paranshar and Dashant Karma are performed.

Maikoddishta Shradhha, Masik Shradhha, Sapindi Shraddha, Nagbali prayashcitta sankalpa, Nagabli Sankapla, Pranpratishthapana and ritual of cobra or snake image, praying of snake, sacrifice and Nagdahan and Ashtabalidan and puja.
During these each steps and rituals, performer observed the Ashauch or Sutak for a day and do not touch any one.

Benefits of Narayan Bali or Narayan Nagbali

There are lots of benefits of Narayan Bali Nagbali Rituals, few are mentioned below.

1.The at most benefit of Narayan Bali, Nagbali Puja is to get peace, happiness and positive vibes in entire family.

2.Rituals of Narayan Bali helps the ancestors to attain peace, salvation and give their blessing to all family member.

3.This also helps in case of unnatural death or accidental death and need to free from curse and fulfill their desire.

4. Naryana Bali also helps in growth in business and career along with personal and professional life.

5. It is believed that Narayan bali Puja is as equal as Char Dhaam yatra.

6. This rituals also helps in resolving any hurdle due to the early death of the any of the family member and getting rid entire family from any of the curse from a dead person.

7. This helps in resolving various problems like family health issue, marriage issue, business lost, evil elements, unnatural death etc.

7. This helps in resolving ancestral curse or Pitru Shaap or Pitru Dosh and sin of Sarpa murder.


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