Shanti and Pitra Karma

Paternity in Hindu faith has been bliss, and as the cycle repeats itself for suitable, we need to serve our forefathers in a ritualistic and pious manner, simply the manner they devoted their lives for us. After an ancestor’s dying, we're speculated to pay our gratitude and devotion towards them through following a few Sanskaras, customs, Shanti Path, and Pujas, as cited in our Vedic scriptures. 

When our ancestors’ departed souls experience that we aren’t displaying recognize and affection to them via remembering them on positive events, their souls grow to be unhappy. And that’s while Pitra Dosha arises. And because of that, the whole lot we do goes wrong, and this Dosha seems to be an invisible obstacle that maintains on hindering all every day responsibilities. To pacify and satisfy the departed souls of our forefathers, we perform Pitra Dosha Puja and Shanti Path.

And, this must be done ritualistically. That’s why Shiva Trust plays this auspicious act in an effort to tranquilize and soothe the departed souls so that they'll experience respectful and get to realize your gratitude and devotion for them. Our professional Pundits strictly follow the Vedic rituals so one can undo the negative outcomes and to restore again positivity. It helps you rejuvenate your existence and lead you on the course of happiness and peace with all your ancestors’ blessings