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Vedic Pujas performed are being driven in accordance with the ancient scriptures and Vedas. Each and every small spiritual element is given importance while performing Pujas. The purpose of such soulful Vedic Pujas is to purify and enlighten one’s true self. With the help of these Pujas, a positive and heavenly atmosphere is created while diminishing evil desires and selfish motives to bring out honesty and purity back into harmony. 


About Shiva Trust

Shiva Trust (Sacred Himalayan Institute of Vedic Alliance Trust) is a public charitable and religious trust. Our purpose is to enlighten the universe with the unseen and unexperienced passages of spirituality. Through our Vedic offerings, we intend to provide the devotees like us with all-absolute & divine experiences.


Yogic Retreat

Yogic Retreat is a disciplinary yoga and puja rituals retreat program where all the activities are performed in Haridwar centered around the foothills of Himalaya, it is an amalgamation of daily Vedic Puja rituals and Basic Hatha Yoga & Pranayama learning with pilgrimage to some well known holy temples. Actively participating in these activities can really show the devotees the path to spiritual prosperity.


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Vedic Pujas

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Vedic Puja, Puja at Your Doorstep - Pujas within the Hindu faith are such non secular libations that...

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